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The Papers: Kate’s ‘cancer Shock’ And Princess ‘getting Stronger’

Image caption, All of Saturday’s front pages lead with Catherine, Princess of Wales’s cancer diagnosis. The Daily Mirror features a photo of Catherine from that video, and quotes her as saying it had “taken us time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis” and to “reassure them that I’m going to be OK”.

Image caption, The same photo and quote are on the front page of the Daily Express. The paper’s royal editor says Catherine has displayed “incredible bravery and fortitude” in telling the nation about her illness.

Image caption, In a comment piece previewed on its front page, the Daily Telegraph says the “cruel treatment” of Catherine by online trolls since it was announced she would be undergoing abdominal surgery in January has been “sickening beyond belief”. Catherine’s health and wellbeing had been subject to widespread and often wild speculation in recent weeks.

Image caption, The Daily Mail describes the news as a “bombshell”, with the headline: “I am well and getting stronger every day… I am going to be OK”. In a comment piece, the paper says the princess must “focus only on herself” during her recovery.

Image caption, The Times says Catherine’s voice occasionally faltered as she delivered the news in her “emotional” video message. The paper notes King Charles III has lauded her bravery.

Image caption, “Kate, you are not alone” is the Sun’s headline – a nod to Catherine’s message of solidarity with all those whose lives have been affected by cancer. The paper says the princess has received an “outpouring of love and support”.

Image caption, Her announcement is also the main story on the front page of the Guardian. The paper also carries reports of the attack on Crocus City concert hall just outside Moscow in which at least 40 people were killed. The paper says it is Russia’s worst attack in years.

Image caption, The i’s weekend edition says Catherine and her husband, the Prince of Wales, waited until their children began Easter holidays for the announcement

Image caption, The Daily Star also leads with the story, featuring an image of Catherine, Prince William and their three children on its front page.

Image caption, The Financial Times says Catherine’s announcement has put an end to weeks of speculation. Also on the front page is the paper’s interview with Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey, who has signalled that interest rate cuts could be expected later this year.

“Kate cancer bombshell”, declares the Daily Mail – as all of the front pages feature the announcement from the Princess of Wales, and a photograph from her filmed statement.

In what’s described by the Daily Express as an “unprecedented video message”, the paper says she showed “incredible bravery and fortitude” in delivering the news of her cancer and chemotherapy.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Catherine received her diagnosis in late February and that is why the Prince of Wales missed the memorial for his godfather, King Constantine II of Greece. The paper also says this public announcement was timed to coincide with the couple’s three children breaking up from school for the Easter holidays – allowing them to be “sheltered at home from the public reaction”.

The Times reports that the couple will not attend the Easter Sunday service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

The FT weekend has said the princess’s announcement puts an end to weeks of “frenzied speculation” on social media about her absence from the public eye. “Now will the trolls stop?” is the question posed by the Sun.

Writing in Weekend I, the former BBC royal correspondent, Jennie Bond, says she hopes the conspiracy theorists who have spread “absurd and hurtful rubbish” feel ashamed.

The Telegraph’s Camilla Tominey adds that while the princess was being “torn to shreds” for editing a Mother’s Day photograph, she was trying to come to terms with devastating news.

The Guardian, however, points out that yesterday’s statement does address “legitimate concerns about transparency head on”.

Image source, BBC Studios

Image caption, The Princess of Wales is pictured in a video message where she announced she is undergoing cancer treatment

The Daily Mirror says telling your children you have cancer is “every mother’s worst nightmare”.

Writing in the Sun, one cancer patient explains how her children came through a diagnosis “largely unscathed” because young people have an ability to “absorb, adapt and live in the moment”.

The Times has advice for families in a similar situation. The cancer charity, Maggies, is quoted as saying parents should not rush into talking to children and may want to practice saying “I have cancer” out loud so it does not come across as too emotional.

“We’re with you, Kate”, is the message from the Mirror, which forms the basis for one of many supportive editorials. The Times says the nation is “united in sympathy for her and her young family”. The princess has the “very best wishes” of the Mail, with the paper also hopeful that her statement will have have an “unusually powerful impact on public awareness” of cancer which could save lives. There is also a “get well soon” message from the Sun, with the paper saying: “Britain’s rooting for you”.

The princess’s diagnosis, alongside that of King Charles III, has prompted much speculation about the state of the monarchy.

The Guardian suggests “three decades on” that the Royal Family is facing a new “annus horribilis”. The Times notes that with Catherine and the King “out of action”, the firm is looking “positively threadbare”.

According to the Mail, nothing illustrated the “reduced pecking order” more than the sight of the disgraced Prince Andrew leading the royals into the memorial service for Constantine II. But the Express says the “hope” for the monarchy lies with the Catherine, Prince William and their family whose “presence amongst us offers peace and harmony in a seriously disjointed world”.