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Home » The Papers: Gaza Convoy ‘chaos’ And Rogue Police ‘hiding In Plain Sight’

The Papers: Gaza Convoy ‘chaos’ And Rogue Police ‘hiding In Plain Sight’

Image caption, The Guardian leads on conflicting accounts of recent deaths in Gaza. The paper reports assertions from Gaza health officials, who say more than 100 Palestinians died after Israeli troops opened fire on crowds who gathered around aid trucks. But the paper also finds room for the statement from the Israeli military which rejects these claims.

Image caption, “IDF opens fire amid food rush” is how the Financial Times headlines its coverage, next to a picture of a man kneeling next to two bodies in bags. Like the Guardian, the paper highlights that there are conflicting accounts that Israeli troops opened fire as people rushed to received food aid in northern Gaza. The paper leads on Vladimir Putin’s state of the nation speech, where he said western support for Ukraine could risk a global war.

Image caption, The Daily Telegraph also leads on the Russian leader and a claim that intelligence documents are suggesting that Mr Putin is controlling and “weaponising” immigration in Europe, with the help of militias in Africa. The paper quotes a “security source” as saying the tactic means Russia can effectively control foreign elections by flooding a certain area with migrants to “influence public opinion at a crucial time”.

Image caption, The Daily Mail leads on immigration, saying a “sacked watchdog” found “shocking migration system failings” in Britain, in a report “belatedly” published by the home secretary. Elsewhere on the front page is a picture of Red Bull F1 boss Christian Horner and his pop star wife Geri Halliwell, warning that she faces “humiliation”. The paper explains that although Mr Horner was cleared of any wrongdoing over alleged texts to a female colleague, those messages have now been leaked.

Image caption, The Sun leads for the second day in a row on the Christian Horner story, with a headline referring to him as “Geri’s hubby”. and saying that the leak means the full contents of his alleged messages – for which he was cleared of any wrongdoing – have been revealed.

Image caption, The main picture on the front of the Times is of Prince William, speaking with a 94-year-old Holocaust survivor. He met Renee Salt on a visit to a synagogue in London. At the visit he condemned a rise in antisemitism, but the paper focuses on how Ms Salt “missed” the Princess of Wales, who has been out of the public eye since having “abdominal surgery” in January. The paper leads on the inquiry into Wayne Couzens, the police officer jailed for the murder of Sarah Everard, and its headline says there’s “nothing to stop” another police officer being a killer.

Image caption, The inquiry into police failings is also the lead for the Daily Mirror. Alongside a photo of Wayne Couzens in ceremonial police uniforms, the paper’s headline asks pointedly “How many more are still hiding in plain sight?”.

Image caption, After the death of Hairy Biker Dave Myer, at the age of 66. Metro carries two pictures – one of him with his wife Lili and another with his long-time TV partner Si King. The paper’s lead story — headlined “Goodbye my old pal” – quotes King as saying “My best friend is on a journey that, for now, I can’t follow”.

Image caption, In a rare poignant front page, the Daily Star has a picture of the motorcycle-riding TV duo and King’s quote as its headline.

Image caption, That same quote features alongside a picture of the duo sitting in the sunshine on the front of the Daily Express, which leads on former home secretary Suella Braverman’s latest immigration warning.“This can’t go on! 1.4m granted UK visas last year” is the paper’s headline on what Mr Braverman calls a “national disaster” We’re also reminded by the paper that Ms Braverman was sacked by the PM last November.

Image caption, A “gloomier forecast on UK economy” is the i’s lead story. Many of the papers this week have covered the upcoming Spring Budget and today the i cites a “Treasury source” who says the government is having to “refine the Budget further” with a planned 2p personal tax cut now not expected to happen.