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US Tracks High-Altitude Balloon Spotted Over Colorado

Media caption, February 2023: Video appears to show China balloon shot down

US military aircraft have located a high-altitude balloon flying over the western part of the country, according to the BBC’s media partner CBS News.

The object has been described as small, not manoeuvrable and non-threatening, but its origin and purpose were unknown.

The balloon was spotted on Friday over Colorado and Utah, drifting east, US media report.

Last year, the US shot down a Chinese balloon after it crossed the country from Alaska to the east coast.

On Friday, US military aircraft intercepted the latest balloon over Utah, an unnamed US official told Reuters news agency, and determined it was not a threat to national security or civil aviation.

Last February’s balloon episode sparked a diplomatic crisis between Washington and Beijing.

The Chinese authorities had denied it was a spy aircraft, describing it as a weather ship blown astray.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken cancelled a trip to China, calling the airship’s presence an “irresponsible act”.

An F-22 jet fighter destroyed the balloon off the coast of South Carolina.