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Home » The Papers: Hunt Tax Cuts Warning And ‘from Friend To Traitor’

The Papers: Hunt Tax Cuts Warning And ‘from Friend To Traitor’

Image caption, Several of Tuesday’s papers have started trailing next week’s Budget. The Guardian reports that Jeremy Hunt’s financial planning has been described as “dubious” and “lacks credibility” by a leading economic think tank, which warns that the chancellor should not announce tax cuts in the Budget if he is unable to detail how they will be funded. The paper’s lead story features the warning from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, which calculated that Mr Hunt would need to find “£35bn of cuts from already threadbare public services”.

Image caption, The i also leads with a story about tax cuts. The paper says Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is hoping to announce a 2p cut in personal taxes, a move the paper says comes as Mr Hunt and the prime minister face pressure from other Conservative MPs.

Image caption, The continuing row stemming from comments made by Conservative MP Lee Anderson, who suggested that London Mayor Sadiq Khan was controlled by Islamists, leads Tuesday’s Times. The paper reports on Rishi Sunak declaring he is “living proof” that Britain is not a racist country and the PM warning that politicians have an obligation to be “careful” and not “unnecessarily inflame” tensions, after Mr Anderson was accused of stoking anti-Muslim hate.

Image caption, The Daily Express, meanwhile, reports that Red Wall Tories are calling for Lee Anderson’s suspension to be lifted. Mr Anderson, the former deputy chairman of the party, was suspended on Saturday. The paper goes on to say that some Tory MPs want Mr Anderson back before a general election, as he is “incredibly popular”.

Image caption, “Friends & Traitors” is the splash headline for the Sun, which reports that Friends star Courteney Cox is “being lined up” as the first signing for a celebrity spin-off of popular BBC TV show The Traitors. A mock-up image of the actress in the iconic black robe worn on the programme accompanies the story, which reports comments from a TV insider that Cox would be “a real coup” if signed.

Image caption, The Daily Mirror headlines on its own investigation into a “sextortion” scam, in which they say children are being blackmailed over naked photos. The paper reports on the story of a 16-year-old boy who was reportedly caught up in the scam and ultimately took his own life.

Image caption, The Daily Telegraph leads with the headline: “Army wives force MoD U-turn over housing”. The paper reports that a plan by the Ministry of Defence to change the way Army accommodation is allocated “has been shelved amid a backlash from military wives”. The proposal would have allocated housing by the number of children a serviceman or woman has, rather than their rank, and was paused by Defence Secretary Grant Shapps after “growing anger” over the scheme, the story adds.

Image caption, The story of Scarlet Blake makes the front page of Metro. Blake, who was jailed for 24 years for the murder of Jorge Martin Carreno in 2021, is labelled by the paper as a “cat sadist” after she was also jailed for livestreaming herself killing a cat. The judge said a Netflix show about killing cats “played a part” in the murderer’s plan, the story adds.

Image caption, The Financial Times has carried out an analysis of OECD data for its lead story, which finds that a global drop in house prices that hit advanced economies has “largely petered out”. It reports that economists predict that “the deepest property downturn in a decade has hit a turning point”.

Image caption, And in the Daily Star, a “boffin” reveals to the paper that we should “serenade our food” to improve wellbeing. “Sing for your supper”, the front page says.