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Fox Stuck In Tube In Gosport Urgently Sought By Rescuers

Image source, Debra Jessie

Image caption, Experts believe the tube around the fox’s neck is made of plastic or rubber

By Charlotte Andrews

BBC News

Rescuers are urgently looking for a fox that was spotted with a tube stuck around its neck.

People in Gosport, Hampshire, first reported sightings of the animal two weeks ago, near Weevil Lane.

Steve Mason, from Second Chance Fox Rescue and Rehabilitation in North Baddesley, said he had been receiving about 10 concerned messages a day about the creature.

He believes the fox became trapped in the tube while looking for food.

Image source, Debra Jessie

Image caption, Fox rescuer Steve Mason hopes to catch the animal in a humane trap before removing the tube and releasing it again

Mr Mason, who has run the fox rescue centre for eight years, said the animal was first spotted in the communal gardens of an apartment block near Portsmouth.

The fox appeared to have a rough plastic or rubber tube encasing around its throat, so a volunteer was sent on a mission to lure it into a humane trap with chicken and sausages.

“Debra sat out with a trap all night long but couldn’t get near enough,” Mr Mason said.

Since then, the fox has been seen in several other areas, including Gosport Marina and a nearby security building, but the team has been unable to catch it.

“We need to find it fast,” Mr Mason said, adding that if the tube was not removed, the fox would eventually stop being able to eat and swallow properly.

Members of the public have been urged not to approach or attempt to trap the fox themselves but to report any further sightings to Second Chance Fox Rescue and Rehabilitation.

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