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Your Pictures On The Theme Of ‘hobbies’

We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme of “hobbies”. Here is a selection of the photographs we received from around the world.

Image source, Kenneth King

Image caption, Kenneth King: “Macro capture of the toe picks of my figure ice skates. The toe picks are the biggest culprits of my falls on ice, other than my terrible skills as an ice skater.”

Image source, Mario Marquardt

Image caption, Mario Marquardt: “This was taken in the hills near Cologne, Germany – the view was fantastic but too high up to not use an e-bike.”

Image source, Melitta Tothmarton

Image caption, Melitta Tothmarton: “My boyfriend loves playing basketball and I really enjoy how it all looks from above and take pictures of the scene using my drone.”

Image source, David Hatton

Image caption, David Hatton: “Wondering what to do with toys that have been played with by two generations, before they all get packed away for the next generation. Having made several model/toy buildings, I make some details for the various themes and photograph the different layouts.”

Image source, Megan Hough

Image caption, Megan Hough: “Birthdays are good days to dance while the sun sets over the ocean in Cape Town.”

Image source, Jane Luetkens

Image caption, Jane Luetkens: “I find messing around with paint relaxing. Not very talented, but a hobby I have had for almost 60 years.”

Image source, Kim Osborn

Image caption, Kim Osborn: “I’ve been an avid diver and underwater photographer enthusiast – this is one of my favourite shots.”

Image source, Shiela Winwright

Image caption, Shiela Winwright: “I took up photography as a hobby during lockdown and now, everywhere I go, my camera goes, including this lovely hotel cloakroom.”

Image source, Carsten Schnoor

Image caption, Carsten Schnoor: “When I was a boy there were no computers or social media, but I had a hobby then: my stamp collection which I still have in my closet today.”

Image source, Neil Marsden

Image caption, Neil Marsden: “I bake a loaf of bread two or three times a week. Like all hobbies it takes a bit of time and effort to get right but, unlike some hobbies, it always tastes good too.”

Image source, Susan Cook

Image caption, Susan Cook: “Especially in the autumn and winter months, I like to get a bit creative in the woods using fallen leaves. This is one of my favourites, made on a very gloomy, dank day – I love how it pops in the dim light.”

Image source, Henry Szwinto

Image caption, Henry Szwinto: “Koy Ya’s big break.”

Image source, Lesley Eyres

Image caption, Lesley Eyres: “I have many hobbies and painting is one of them. I had a Lego lady artist sitting on my printer’s tray, made a matchstick easel and a tiny painting to sit on it, just because.”

Image source, Graham Woollven

Image caption, Graham Woollven: “Triathlons have become one of the more popular active, physical hobbies of the last few years. As well as being a very competitive sport, they are an excellent way for people to push and test themselves. This is the River Derwent, the swimming section of the Chatsworth Triathlon in Derbyshire.”

Image source, Thomas Smillie

Image caption, Thomas Smillie: “My toolbox at the end of a typical weekend of working on some old automotive hunk of junk. In this case the manual steering box from a 1962 International Scout 80, seen top left. Having old cars as a hobby means there is never a shortage of things to fix.”

Image source, Jon Pemberton

Image caption, Jon Pemberton: “Fabian Ehlers returning from bottoming Winnats Head Cave, Derbyshire. Here around 485ft below the surface, the caver uses metal gripping devices called ‘jammers’ to ascend placed ropes used to reach the bottom of the cave. It’s a long way to return back to daylight – all for fun!”

Image source, Tim Hanson

Image caption, Tim Hanson sent in this picture of a detectorist; he titled it “Hopeful”.

Image source, Fiona Preece

Image caption, Fiona Preece: “Still Life interpretation of the essentials for an evening of sewing or dressmaking.”

Image source, Fenella Ely

Image caption, Fenella Ely: “Spur of the moment opportunity of a shadow of my horse and me being created by a stunning sunset. I never let an opportunity pass by to capture a fun picture while combining my two favourite hobbies – my horse and the lens.”

The next theme is “circles” and the deadline for entries is 8 November 2023.

The pictures will be published later that week and you will be able to find them, along with other galleries, on the In Pictures section of the BBC News website.

You can upload your entries on this page or email them to [email protected].

All photographs subject to copyright.