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The Papers: Braverman ‘fury’ At Demo Chants, And Charlton Tributes

Image caption, The Daily Express is among a number of papers to report Home Secretary Suella Braverman is demanding answers from the boss of the Metropolitan Police after some protesters were not arrested for chanting “jihad” at a pro-Palestine march in London over the weekend. Rolling Stones legend Sir Mick Jagger also features on the front page after he put on a nun costume for an appearance on US comedy show Saturday Night Live.

Image caption, The Times says Suella Braverman plans to hold meeting with Met chief Sir Mark Rowley following the London protest. The story nestles underneath a photo of a vigil in central London held in memory of the hostages taken by Hamas a fortnight ago.

Image caption, The Daily Mail says the home secretary will be demanding an explanation at her meeting with Met Police bosses. The paper’s headline uses the term “Suella’s fury”. Next to the main headline, the Mail pictures Prince Harry at the US Grand Prix in Texas alongside Red Bull chief Christian Horner.

Image caption, Still no Matt in the Daily Telegraph – the cartoonist is still off – but the paper is packed with stories on the front including one on Britain’s most senior civil servant, Cabinet Secretary Simon Case, who is taking some time off work for a “private medical matter”. The broadsheet also carries a long story about Suella Braverman’s planned meeting with Met Police commissioner Sir Mark Rowley.

Image caption, Monday’s i newspaper also touches on rising tensions in the Middle East. But the lead story focuses on claims Suella Braverman’s Rwanda policy is “falling apart”. According to the paper, civil servants in the home secretary’s own department say she risks boxing herself in with a legal duty to deport small boat migrants that she is unable to fulfil. In response, the Home Office said the Illegal Migration Act will ensure illegal immigrants will not have their asylum claims considered in the UK and instead will be “detained and swiftly removed”.

Image caption, “Outrage on the Central line” says a headline on the front of the Sun as the paper talks about an incident on Saturday where a Tube driver appeared to lead passengers in a pro-Palestine chant on the central line. Investigations by police and Transport for London continue.

Image caption, Some papers continue to pay tribute to the late great Sir Bobby Charlton who died over the weekend at the age of 86. The England and Manchester United legend features in a picture on the front of the Daily Mirror with his brother Jack Charlton. Their younger sibling Tommy Charlton tells the tabloid the two will be together again. “He and Jack were everybody’s heroes,” Tommy says.

Image caption, Pictures of floral tributes being laid outside Old Trafford in memory of Sir Bobby Charlton catch the eye on the front of the Guardian. Elsewhere, the lead story focuses on pressure growing on Israel to negotiate release of Gaza hostages. The paper says families who were given a glimmer of hope by the release of two US citizens fear time is running out before a ground invasion.

Image caption, An aerial view of Gaza buildings destroyed by airstrikes dominates the front page of Monday’s Metro as it says Israel is notching up its preparations to “blitz Hamas”. Underneath, the lead story is a bit closer to home as the Met Office warns winter is coming as forecasters issue concerns over ice in parts of Scotland and northern England in the wake of Storm Babet.

Image caption, US secretary of defence Lloyd Austin is quoted in the lead story in the Financial Times, expressing his concerns “about potential escalation” of fighting in the Middle East region. Washington is sending more air defence systems to the area as Israel continues its bombardment of Gaza, but Austin warns US troops face the risk of attacks against them as tensions rise.

Image caption, Finally, there’s new hope for bald people in the Daily Star which claims scientists have found where the genes come from. The tabloid also features a story about former criminal Dave Courtney who was found dead in south-east London over the weekend at the age of 64. He is said to have once been an associate of the Kray twins.