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Home » Newspaper Headlines: ‘Minister’s TV Blunder’ And ‘Blairites Are Back’

Newspaper Headlines: ‘Minister’s TV Blunder’ And ‘Blairites Are Back’

Image source, Financial Times

Image caption, Rishi Sunak has been forced to start off the new political year on the back foot, according to the Financial Times. The paper claims the Tory party’s autumn relaunch has been “derailed” by the crumbling schools crisis, just as two by-elections are approaching. Sir Keir Starmer’s shadow cabinet reshuffle also features on the front page.

Image source, Metro

Image caption, The Metro focuses its front page on comments made by the prime minister and education secretary regarding the crumbling concrete “debacle”. According to the paper, Mr Sunak “refuses to take the blame” and Ms Keegan has protested that the issue of unstable school buildings is “not her fault”.

Image source, The i

Image caption, The i paper has decided to splash on Labour’s shadow cabinet reshuffle. Five MPs “from the Tony Blair era” have been promoted in what the i says is Mr Starmer’s aim to build a centrist team to sell his party to voters.

Image source, Daily Star

Image caption, The Daily Star offers readers a more light-hearted splash on Dracula’s eating habits. However, like all the other papers, it has still made space for the school buildings story – opting to use an photoshopped image of Ms Keegan with a clown’s nose.

Image source, Daily Express

Image caption, Health Secretary Steve Barclay’s comments on Wegovy injections have made the front page of the Daily Express. Mr Barclay refers to the weight-loss drug as a “miracle” and says it could help cut the NHS’s £6.5 billion annual bill for treating and tackling obesity.

Image source, The Guardian

Image caption, Ms Keegan has been “forced to apologise” over “unguarded” comments made after an interview about the crumbling concrete crisis, while Mr Sunak is “under pressure”, reports the Guardian. On the topic of Labour’s shadow cabinet reshuffle, the paper reports that MPs on the Blairite wing “largely prospered” as a result.

Image source, The Daily Mail

Image caption, The Daily Mail has headlined on “Tory chaos” as the school concrete crisis dominates the front pages again on Tuesday. The prime minister has been “urged to get a grip” and the paper reports that teachers spent last weekend “scrambling to erect tented classrooms”.

Image source, The Daily Mirror

Image caption, “Class Clowns” are the words the Mirror has used to describe the prime minister and education secretary. The paper refers to “thousands of kids waiting in limbo” to start the new school year, and shadow education secretary Bridget Phillipson has called the handling of the crumbling concrete situation “an utter shambles”.

Image source, The Telegraph

Image caption, Ms Keegan is “fighting for survival” over her handling of the schools crisis, reports the Daily Telegraph. The education secretary is also said to be facing pressure after officials admitted to her being on holiday the week before schools were ordered to close, the paper reports.