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Nottingham Attacks: What We Know So Far

Image source, Reuters

Image caption, Pictures of a white Vauxhall Vivaro van with a dent in its front have emerged

Three people are dead and another three injured following a series of attacks in Nottingham city centre early on Tuesday morning.

There is still a lot we do not know, and we are trying to pull together a clear picture of how things unfolded as details emerge.

Here is what we have so far.

What happened?

Two people are found dead in Ilkeston Road just after 04:00 BST.

In another incident, a van attempts to run over three people in Milton Street. They are being treated in hospital.

A man is also found dead in Magdala Road.

Police are linking all three deaths. At the moment, they aren’t giving us any more timings beyond the 04:00 incident.

The three locations are short distances apart in Nottingham city centre.

A 31-year-old man has been arrested in Bentinck Road on suspicion of murder, and he remains in police custody.

There is no information at the moment about whether or not the incident was terror-related.

What do we know about the victims?

Very little at the moment. According to one eyewitness, the pair who were stabbed in Ilkeston Road were a “girl, and a man or boy” who “looked quite young”.

No details have emerged so far about the man found dead in Magdala Road.

Police say the three injured in Milton Street are being treated in hospital.

Among the injured were a man and a woman. One eyewitness, who saw them struck by a van, said:” The woman was sitting up on the kerb – she looked OK – the man was laying down but then he got up.

“But I just can’t believe he was able to get up.”

We have no details yet about the third injured person.

What are eyewitnesses saying?

Some readers may find the details below distressingLynn Haggitt witnessed the van being driven into two people in Milton Street.

She says she saw the driver look in his mirror and see a police car behind him. At that point, he “quickened up” before going “straight into” them, she says.

“The woman went on the kerb and the man went up in the air,” she says. “It was such a bang – I wish I never saw it – it’s really shaken me up.”

“I went over. Perhaps I shouldn’t have gone over, but I wanted to see if I could help.”

Media caption, Nottingham attack eyewitness: ‘I wish I never saw it’

Another eyewitness says he saw a young man and young woman stabbed in Ilkeston Road at about 04:00 BST.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, says he looked out of the window and saw a “guy dressed all in black with a hood and rucksack grappling with some people. It was a girl, and a man or boy she was with – they looked quite young.

“She was screaming ‘help!’ I just wish I’d shouted something out of the window to unnerve the assailant.

“I saw him stab the lad first and then the woman. It was repeated stabbing – four or five times. The lad collapsed in the middle of the road.”

The man says he phoned 999 and police arrived within five minutes and paramedics spent 40 minutes trying to revive the pair.