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The Papers: ‘Someone Knows Something’ And ‘childcare Giveaway’

Image caption, Many of Saturday’s papers are leading with the ongoing search for 45-year-old Nicola Bulley following her disappearance 15 days ago. Under the headline “I’m certain Nicola didn’t fall in”, the Daily Mirror reports comments from her partner Paul Ansell.

Image caption, The Daily Mail also carries the story, noting Mr Ansell’s comment that “someone in the village knows what happened”. It follows an interview Mr Ansell gave to Channel 5, where he said his family were going through “unprecedented hell”.

Image caption, The Sun has a similar lead, with the striking headline: “Someone local knows something”.

Image caption, Quotes from Ms Bulley’s partner also make the front of the Daily Telegraph. Elsewhere, the paper says the investigation into whether Boris Johnson misled MPs over Partygate is “struggling to prove his guilt” as whistleblowers have been told they will not remain anonymous. Mr Johnson’s legal representatives continue to challenge the investigation’s approach, the paper adds.

Image caption, Jobseekers may have to take mandatory skills training or face benefit cuts, the Times reports. The plans are already being piloted in four regions and would require a two-week upskilling course at a local job centre. The paper also carries an image of Ms Bulley and Mr Ansell, alongside quotes from the same interview.

Image source, BBC Sport

Image caption, The Guardian says the Treasury is considering a major expansion of free childcare for one- and two-year-olds in England as part of a Budget “giveaway” which would cost billions.

Image caption, The Financial Times carries an interview with Education Secretary Gillian Keegan on its front page. It reports she plans to push back on any attempt by the Home Office to reduce the number of overseas students.

Image caption, For a second day, the i newspaper leads with a story about sewage in the UK’s rivers. It cites forecasts by the Environment Agency that only 6% of English rivers will be in “good” ecological condition by 2027 without intervention.

Image caption, “The sun is falling to bits,” declares the Daily Star. The paper says a “large chunk” of the sun has “fallen off” in a development which has “baffled eggheads”. But the paper urges readers not to fret – “since Elon Musk says we’ll be moving to Mars by 2028 it probably doesn’t matter”.