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Home » The Papers: Johnson Ready To Derail PM’s Plan And ‘eviction For Andrew’

The Papers: Johnson Ready To Derail PM’s Plan And ‘eviction For Andrew’

Image caption, Many front pages lead with the government’s plans to strike a new deal to settle the UK’s post-Brexit trading arrangements in Northern Ireland, but the Sunday Telegraph reports on a twist to proceedings. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned Rishi Sunak that ditching the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill that was put together during his time in office would be a mistake. Mr Johnson’s first major intervention over Brexit since he resigned “points to a growing rebellion” over Mr Sunak’s plans, the paper says.

Image caption, The Observer also picks up on Mr Johnson’s intervention, describing him as being on a “collision course” with Mr Sunak amid a “frantic diplomatic blitz to end a bitter dispute with the EU” over Northern Ireland. With Eurosceptic backbenchers threatening to disrupt the deal, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer tells the paper he is willing to offer the prime minister the guarantee of Labour MPs’ support in any parliamentary vote – to save Mr Sunak from “scrambling around to appease” the right of his own party.

Image caption, The Times, meanwhile, hears from senior Tories who accuse Mr Johnson of being a “nuisance” on the issue. The paper leads on news that a dissident Iranian TV channel has been forced to relocate from the UK after counter-terrorism police in London warned them of credible threats to their journalists covering the regime’s harsh crackdown on protesters in Iran.

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Image caption, Prince Andrew is afraid the King is trying to force him out of his £30m home in Windsor by slashing his annual grant, according to the Mail on Sunday’s lead story. The paper says the Duke of York – who no longer receives public money after stepping down from royal duties following accusations of sexual assault, which he denies – is “furious” at the situation, telling friends that without hundreds of thousands of pounds from his brother he will have to move out of the 30-room property by September.

Image caption, The Sun on Sunday also leads with Prince Andrew facing losing the Royal Lodge after his £249,000 grant was cut. The loss of income will mean he is no longer able to maintain the property, with a source telling the Sun: “It feels as though his brother wishes to evict him.”

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Image caption, The UK’s armed forces need £3bn a year of additional funding in order to remain Europe’s leading military power, a former general has warned in the Sunday Express. Gen Sir Richard Barrons says the government is failing to recognise the challenge Russia will pose global security once the war in Ukraine ends and, in a damning assessment, he tells the paper: “We have an Army that can issue PPE and drive ambulances but is in no state to fight.”

Image caption, Katie Price feels betrayed by Metropolitan Police officers accused of mocking her disabled son Harvey in a WhatsApp group, the Sunday Mirror reports. With the nine officers facing a gross misconduct hearing on Monday, the model says: “It’s not enough to just lose their jobs if they’re found guilty. If they’re not punished, what’s to stop it happening again?”.

Image caption, Survivors of sexual abuse are furious about a planned film planned by ITN Productions about paedophile pop star Gary Glitter, the Sunday People reports. Sammy Woodhouse, a survivor of sex abuse and child exploitation in Rotherham, told the paper the movie would trigger horrific memories for her.

Image caption, Some workshy people are claiming they cannot turn up at the office because they have been kidnapped by aliens, according to the Daily Express. HR bosses tell the paper some people are also giving the excuse that they are unable to get to work because they are terrified by ghosts at home. Alan Price, whose company makes software for managers to track sickness in their workforces, says: “You hear a few out-of-this-world excuses working in HR, but ‘ET phone in sick’ is a new one even for us!”

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak could be facing a backbench rebellion over plans to raise corporation tax, according to the Sunday Telegraph. The paper says it’s seen a letter signed by the leaders of several influential groups of Conservative MPs urging Mr Sunak to scrap the policy and instead pursue what they call a “growth agenda”.

The Sunday Times reports that children are still being referred for puberty blockers at an NHS gender clinic that has been ordered to close. The paper claims around 8,000 young people are on the waiting list for the Gender Identity Development Service, which is part of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. NHS England says it is committed to establishing new services as quickly as possible to replace the clinic which was told to close after an independent review last July.

The Sunday Telegraph has been speaking to the deputy chairman of the Conservative Party Lee Anderson, who says that refugee charities are acting as “enablers” for people trying to cross the English Channel in small boats. He accuses them of being part of a “multi-million pound industry” that runs on illegal immigration. The charity Care4Calais – which was singled out for particular criticism by Mr Anderson – says it doesn’t provide any support for the journeys.

According to the Sunday Express, the UK’s armed forces need another £3bn a year to make “them fighting fit”. General Sir Richard Barrons, who headed Joint Forces Command until 2016, tells the paper “political incontinence” in Downing Street is stifling chances of any recovery. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says he is working to deliver defence that will meet threats to the UK.

The Sun on Sunday and the Mail on Sunday both carry stories saying that “eviction” is looming for Prince Andrew, with sources telling them that the King could cut the annual grant the Duke of York uses to maintain his home in Windsor. They say it’s part of an order to all members of the Royal Family to “tighten their belts”.

Katie Price has told the Sunday Mirror that it is “not enough” to dismiss the Metropolitan Police officers who are accused of mocking her disabled son Harvey. The TV presenter and model asks “what’s to stop it happening again”? A misconduct hearing for the officers is due to be held next week.

And the Times reports on the latest trend on the beach this winter – mobile saunas. It speaks to one man in Brighton, Dave Batchelor, who runs a business offering sauna sessions in an old horsebox. His company co-founder Liz Watson tells the paper more and more people are needing a digital detox and a sauna just switches your mind off. “You’re very much in the moment in a sauna,”, she adds.