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Newspaper Headlines: ‘You Can Rest Now, Nikki’ And Biden’s Ukraine Trip

Image caption, Tuesday’s papers are dominated by news of the formal identification of Nicola Bulley. Her family said officers had confirmed their worst fears when the mother-of-two was found on the banks of a Lancashire river on Sunday, more than three weeks after going missing, the Daily Mail reports. ‘Nikki… we can let you rest now’ is the Daily Mail’s headline, reflecting their grief.

Image caption, The Mirror also carries the tribute from Ms Bulley’s family: “We will never forget Nikki, she was the centre of our world.”

Image caption, The Sun describes the tributes as “poignant” and features a smiling Ms Bulley on its front page.

Image caption, The Express carries more from that tribute. The paper reports that her relatives admitted they would “never be able to comprehend what Nikki had gone through in her last moments and that would never leave us”.

Image caption, Ms Bulley’s family also criticised parts of the UK media following the discovery of her body. In a statement read on behalf of the family by Det Ch Supt Pauline Stables, they claim that some members of the press “misquoted and vilified” their friends and family, the i newspaper reports. The statement also took aim at ITV and Sky News who the family said made contact with them “when we expressly asked for privacy”, the paper says. The BBC understands Sky News had an “open dialogue” with Ms Bulley’s family since she was reported missing. The BBC has approached ITV for a comment.

Image caption, US President Joe Biden’s surprise visit to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv also features prominently on many of Tuesday’s front pages. The FT reports on Mr Biden’s “unwavering support” for the embattled nation as he announced a further $500m in military aid.

Image caption, The Daily Telegraph features an image of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Joe Biden embracing one another on its front page. But its main story is on comments made by former prime ministers Liz Truss and Boris Johnson who are both urging their successor, Rishi Sunak, to send fighter jets to Ukraine. In her first intervention in the House of Commons since resigning as prime minister, Ms Truss said she “could not wait to see fighter jets over Ukraine”, the paper reports.

Image caption, The Times also features stories on the Nicola Bulley case and Biden’s visit to Ukraine. But its main story is on reports some ministers are prepared to resign from Rishi Sunak’s government over his Brexit deal if it risks Northern Ireland’s place within the UK. The paper says there is a mounting backlash among Eurosceptic Conservative MPs to the deal.

Image caption, The Guardian turns its attention to the inquest of the victims of the Plymouth shootings. The inquest jury found “catastrophic” failings allowed the gunman, Jake Davison, to legally possess a shotgun that he used to kill five people in August 2021. Senior police officers, families of the victims and anti-gun campaigners are calling for a “radical reform” of the firearms licensing system, the paper says.

Image caption, Junior doctors have voted overwhelmingly to join Britain’s growing wave of strikes, the Metro reports. Out of 37,000 British Medical Association members who voted, 98% backed their first industrial action since 2016, the paper says. A 72-hour walkout is being planned in their fight for a 26% pay rise, the paper says.

Image caption, And the Daily Star leads with the row over publishing changes made to children’s author Roald Dahl’s books. The prime minister has weighed in, with his spokesman saying works of fiction should be “preserved not airbrushed”. ‘Battle of the BFG’ is how the Star frames the debate.

Pictures of Presidents Biden and Zelensky on the streets of Kyiv are on several front pages. The Guardian’s correspondent in the city, Luke Harding, describes Joe Biden’s surprise visit as arguably the most consequential made by a US president to a European country since the end of the Cold War.

The Daily Mail calls Mr Biden’s trip a daring act of defiance. For the Times, it was symbolic proof of Russia’s failure.

But the former US National Security Advisor, John Bolton, writing in the Daily Telegraph, argues that Nato leaders have little reason to pat themselves on the back. He says that the West – having failed to deter Vladimir Putin from starting the war – now lacks a strategy for victory. Mr Bolton says Nato should provide more aid to Ukraine, instead of fearing that Putin could expand the war.

The Financial Times highlights a warning from the Dutch military intelligence that Russia might attempt to sabotage its offshore wind farms in the North Sea. The head of the intelligence agency said a ship had been detected trying to map energy infrastructure in recent months, and was escorted away by the Dutch navy and coastguard.

According to the Times, Rishi Sunak has been told that some ministers are prepared to resign if a deal he is trying to reach with the EU risks Northern Ireland’s place within the UK. The prime minister spent several hours on Monday meeting Eurosceptic Conservative MPs, trying to address their concerns about a new agreement on post-Brexit trade arrangements for Northern Ireland. A minister said some of his colleagues in the government would quit if Mr Sunak attempted to push through a deal that undermined sovereignty.

An editorial in the Guardian says the prime minister is taking a risk by doing the right thing and seeking to normalise relations with the EU. Resolving the situation in Northern Ireland, it argues, would grease UK-EU trade and help the British economy recover faster. But the paper says Mr Sunak is leaving his right wing exposed – as hard line Brexiteers and his political enemies, most notably Boris Johnson, lie in wait to pounce.

The Daily Mail likens the prime minister’s position to that of a tightrope walker without a safety net. The paper says with Labour’s support he could push through a deal that isn’t acceptable to the Democratic Unionists and many of his own backbenchers, but that could also be his political suicide.

Photographs of Nicola Bulley are on the the front pages again, after police confirmed that her body has been found. The headlines in the Sun, the Daily Express, and the Daily Mail quote her family’s statement saying that she can “rest now”. Another sentence from the statement makes the Daily Mirror’s headline – “She was the centre of our world”. The paper says the case has fascinated the public – but has left only heartbreak and hostility.

And the Times says the Queen Consort has backed a new award scheme for the coronation to honour the “unsung heroes” who volunteer to help their communities. The public are being encouraged to submit nominations in eight categories – among them, supporting older people; crisis and welfare; and sustainability and the environment.