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What’s the best car lift for your garage?

The clutter in the garage is the main issue that keeps homeowners from parking their cars inside. Another reason is that they are able to park more vehicles for family members than space for garages.

The regular “vehicle shuffling” for families with a limited parking spaces is a hassle.

In some instances there’s a chance that you have an unoccupied vehicle for a season that is occupying one of your garage’s parking spaces for a period of time even if you’re not using it.

If the cost of yearly remote vehicle storage or the expense of a garage expansion options that you are interested in having a car lift at home is a fantastic option to reduce parking challenges.

What’s the ideal car lift to use in your garage?

If you’re studying the different kinds of garage car lifts available You’ll discover that there are three types of garage car lifts:

4 post car lift
2 post car lift
scissor car lift

Scissor lifts aren’t an ideal garage parking option since they aren’t able to be parked underneath them. They are also generally smaller in capacities for lifting, and are suitable for temporary hoisting of vehicles to do maintenance work, not long-term storage for vehicles.

This leaves two well-known home car lifts two and four post Post car lifts. The 4 post car lift vs. 2 post car lift debate could be complicated, and we’re here in order to clarify some things.

Here are seven important aspects you should consider before deciding on which type of home car lift is most effectively for the family’s requirements.

1. Parking at home

For many who are considering buying car lifts to in their garages, its possibility to provide more parking space is the only thing they’re looking for.

The ability to park your vehicle beneath another that is elevated using the car lift is a desirable idea for anyone who is unhappy with having more vehicles than their garage can hold.

In this kind of use for this type of usage, a lift with 4 posts is the best choice. The majority of 4-post car lifts have been designed specifically for this purpose while only certain 2 post models are suitable for use as a parking lift.

The posts supporting the lift with two posts are placed in the same spot in the area where vehicles are lifted. It is more difficult to unlock the doors and get into and out of the car that is parked under two car lifts.

Since the lift’s 4 posts are situated at the four outer corners of a vehicle that is parked under the lift side obstructions aren’t an issue.

The advantage of having four post lifts for cars over two post lifts is the ease to get into and out of your vehicle that is parked underneath the lift.

2. Easy to use and convenient

Two-post car lifts can be described as an “frame engaging” kind of lift which uses two steel arms to help support an entire car.

The downside of two post lifts is that they have less chance of error in employing them correctly. It is essential to identify the correct lifting points which may differ between vehicles. In essence, two-post car lifts need greater care and attention when you use these lifts.

The ease of use and convenience are two of the factors to consider when making our 4 post car lift or. post lift comparison, where the first is definitely the better choice.

There is no doubt that any car lift will require that you be aware of your safety while using it. A car lift with four posts will, however, require users to drive their vehicle on the lift platform.

Four wheels are able to support the weight of the vehicle There’s no need to guess and more time spent to make sure your vehicle is perfectly aligned to safely lift it.

3. Security considerations

If you don’t own one having the car lift could be a bit intimidating. Cars weigh thousands of pounds and it’s normal to feel somewhat nervous when placing a costly vehicle over an expensive car.

Knowing the right lifting locations when using the 2 post lift is vital to safely store your vehicle. In the event that you do not, you’ll have a vehicle that is hoisted with an uneven center of gravity. This increases the chance of your vehicle falling.

It doesn’t take an expert in physics to know that a car lift with more posts than two post lifts will provide greater stability.

This, in conjunction with the simplicity of the lift with four posts, is the main reason they’re an attractive choice for homeowners. It gives them greater security. Four post lifts are thought to be a safer choice to use for vehicles that are heavier and to store long-term items.

A car lift manufactured by a trusted manufacturer must be in compliance with the highest security standards, be ALI-certified and installed by an expert. Maintaining your car lift regularly is essential as well.

All 2 and 4 post car lifts should include a safety lock and most likely an hydraulic flow restrictor. All four post lifts should also have rear and front wheel chocks to stop vehicles from falling off the rear or front of the lift platform.

4. Garage space is occupied in the case of the vehicle lift

The 4 post car lifts and two post lifts make use of the vertical space available inside your garage. You’ll need to be sure there’s enough of clearance overhead space in your garage to allow your car lift to work effectively.

It is important to take factors such as the place of the garage door opener the height of how high your garage doors can open and also the position of lighting and storage racks into consideration. The high-lift conversion can be a way of creating more space to allow a vehicle lift be put in.

If you’re looking at 4 post car lifts vs 2-post lift cons and pros it’s true that a two post lift will take up less space in garages. If you’re working with less space in your garage or have a lower budget you may find that it is the only choice.

If the budget you have and the amount of space in your garage don’t pose any issues but, you’ll likely be satisfied with the benefits an auto lift with four posts provides.

5. Installation process is easy

As safety is of utmost importance when operating the car lift, setting up one is not an amateur project unless you know exactly the ropes.

Car lifts can be difficult to install due to their size (a typical four-post car lift could weigh between 1,800-2,500 pounds).

A reliable car lift installation company will be able to examine the garage floor to ensure the concrete is strong enough to withstand the massive load it is expected to support. A concrete slab of that is 4-5 inches thick is usually suggested.

All car lifts with 2 posts require anchoring and the installer must consider the state of the floor and the exact location of seams and cracks prior to putting in anchors. Due to their higher stability, many 4 post lifts do not require anchors.

It’s also essential to know the rules of the game when it is about the electrical system for the installation of a car lift. A lot of car lifts have an 110V motor which can be used well with the electrical systems that are used in garages of all kinds.

Some car lifts use a 220V motor, however. For these models of lifts you’ll probably need an electrician to improve the electrical system of your garage to take on high voltage.

6. Extra car lift functionality

For some, additional storage for cars could be a second priority needing a lift for their car to perform repairs to their cars.

25% of homeowners who were surveyed in the Wall Street Journal survey used garages to maintain their vehicles.

There are a variety of views when it comes to the car lift with 4 posts vs 2 lift debate on which is the better option to use as a home service lift.

Many auto enthusiasts believe that a two-post lift is superior due to the ease of access it provides to the wheels and other areas of the vehicle’s underside when it’s being lifted.

Car lifts with 4 posts may counter by claiming they can utilize the an attachment for a jack tray to lift the vehicle off of the platform to accomplish these tasks.

In terms of the versatility of a lift, a four post lift gives you additional storage options. With the correct automobile lift accessory, large items such as a motorcycle or riding lawn mower or snowblower could be tucked away in the car lift.

Another advantage of a lift with four posts for some customers is the fact that the lift can be moved around the garage in case of need. Contrary to an anchoring two-post car lift the four post lift offers some flexibility because of the help of a caster kit that allows the lift to move around.

7. Cost

With their generally smaller lifting capacities and a lesser amount of material utilized for their construction two post lifts are less expensive than four post lifts.

Remember a few points to keep in mind when determining the budget for your car lift

Do your research and select a reliable, reputable car lift manufacturer
lower-cost car lift brands may not be able to meet the more stringent safety standards set by a well-established lift manufacturer.
the cost on a four post car lift is likely to be worth it due to the additional convenience and flexibility.
Budget car lifts can take longer to lift and lower your car and are louder when they do the same
the car that you’ll be lifting will affect the cost you’ll pay for a lift

Whatever kind of lift you choose to purchase Consider the amount you’ll save If you’ve been paying every year for car storage that is remote.

It also offers a greater level of convenience and security when you have your vehicle stored during the winter months at home.

Consider how much it will cost to install a car lift , compared to the chaotic garage renovation.